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Our Services:

Swan Valley Chess has a variety of services, including Chess tutoring options, chess classes, courses and tournaments, plus new services coming soon. See below for full details.

Learning how to Play Chess

Chess Tutoring:

Thomas Edison, American inventor and businessman was once quoted as saying, "

"Genius is 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration".


To be successful, one must first have an idea.  However, an idea is not enough.  What is also required is Edison's ''perspiration'; good old fashioned hard work.

Chess is no different.  A game deserving a such high prestige and accolade also demands study research and analysis.

At Swan Valley Chess Club, we believe that all players should have the right to learn, develop and enjoy the beauty of the game of chess.  They should be given the opportunity to be creative, flamboyant and intuitive.

Swan Valley Chess Club recognises this and is providing the service of chess coaching in various capacities, be it through group sessions or one on one tutoring sessions.  Chess players of all ages can take the opportunity to learn the nuances of the game from their very own chess coach.  Please let us know if you are interested.

Chess Tournament

Chess Classes:

"Learning is the only thing the mind never exhausts, never fears, and never regrets"- Leonardo da Vinci

SVCC also intends to provide 6 chess classes to about 15 - 20 people, on a Saturday morning at various times throughout the year.

These lessons will cover specific areas of chess skill which can aid in advancing your level of expertise.  These will include:

1) Chess endurance and fighting spirit

2) Tactics and setting up winning chances

3) Learning to study and remember what you learn

4) Analysis and review

5) Improvising and Accommodating

6) Teaching and Supporting other players

Training course

Chess Courses:

Swan Valley Chess Club president Dylan Gough is currently working on a course to be held over the period of 12 months, on a weekly basis which will incorporate the teachings from the game of chess with associated life skills, important for young people in society.


The teachings will cover 12 focal areas lasting one month each and 4 mini learning areas within each one which ties in the relevance to both chess and life skills in general.


For more information, please contact Dylan Gough at or press the 'Enquire Now' button below.

Sebastian Aus open 2023.jpg

Out Of Club  Tournaments:

Tournaments are a great way to pit your skills against a wider range of players that you may not be used to or have never played.


The venue where SVCC is currently located has a person limit of 50 people, and throughout the year there is a selection of tournaments being played at the club and also a variety offered by the Chess Association of Western Australia.


However, opportunities exist where if SVCC members and players generate enough interest, a change to a larger venue in the area may occur to place everybody comfortably.  Watch this space for further details!

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